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Accompanying individuals and organizations in their transformation 

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I’m Chloé Dungelhoeff, a caring, dynamic and curious person. My driving force is to make a positive impact on people, projects, and society as a whole. I love working with organizations and peers that are committed to sustainability and well-being.

At Change and Shine, we are dedicated to guiding individuals and organisations through their transformations, aiming for greater well-being and harmony, using coaching, change management and effective communication, while reconnecting with the foundations of Life. Our approach is both committed and humble, working towards a fairer society in which people and the environment are at the forefront of every action.

For individuals looking for a career change that resonates with their values and their desire to make a positive impact, or for leaders who wish to work on their leadership style, we offer personalised support. We help them find a path that aligns their aspirations with their day-to-day professional life, guiding them towards a more fulfilling life.

For organisations, we work to define and deploy cultural change strategies that truly place people and the environment at the heart of their mission. Our approach aims to support companies in creating an environment where the organisational culture fosters respectful management aligned with strong ethical values.

We are committed to being facilitators of change, remaining true to our vision of a society where every action counts in building a future where people and the environment thrive together.

We rely  on a strong network of seasoned professionals when your projects require additional talents and fields of expertise.

Do not hesitate to send me a message if you wish to meet-up. 

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Internal Communication & Employer Branding

Change Management & Team coaching – the people side of change

Business coaching,   Training & Mentoring